This class continues learning of math concepts from 6th & 7th grade and focuses on the in depth study of algebra. The course objectives include: (1) to continue practice with arithmetic skills (2) to establish fundamental principles of algebra (3) to apply algebra skills to problem solving… Read more

This course is based on the Mathematics Contents Standards for Public Schools. The course objective is to emphasize critical thinking and problem solving through frequent application of the more advanced algebraic skills. Topics include functions, variations and graphs, linear functions,… Read more

This course will cover all the major body systems that interrelate to maintain homeostasis. The course includes exploration of human system components and basic physiology, such as cells, tissues, organs, and organ systems. Systems to be studied include integumentary, skeletal, muscular, nervous… Read more

Beginning with a thorough review of mathematical concepts and skills required for calculus, this course covers trigonometry, analytical geometry, limits, continuity, the derivative, differentiability, and other topics covered in both differential and integral calculus. Including numerous… Read more

This course will provide students with exposure to a wide variety of art mediums at an introductory level. They will explore line and form in black and white mediums and then translate those same concepts to color mediums. They will also work with three-dimensional mediums. They will observe… Read more

ASB focuses on actively doing projects and activities for the DCHS community.

Introduction to typing and/or Microsoft Office skills. Students learn the proper form and placement needed to type with fluency and speed. This course also teaches students basic formatting and functions within Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Biology is the study of living organisms. Students are taught the differences and similarities of life. Students gain an understanding of God’s nature through the wonder of his creation. The structure and function of the cell is emphasized throughout the course. Major areas of study are genetics… Read more

This is a course in introductory chemistry. The topics developed in the course are chemistry and matter, matter and energy in reactions, matter and its structure, matter and its phases, reaction processes, acids and bases. Problem solving is a major element in the study of chemistry. 

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