This is an algebra and trigonometry-based course intended to fully prepare the student for success in a college level general or Engineering Physics course. The topics developed in the course are kinematics; dynamic forces; work and energy; static geometric and wave optics; modern physics. 

Students will apply their understanding of the scientific method to all areas of their course work. The course utilizes 25-30 hours of lab work. 

Lab work develops the topics covered in class with focus on: basic lab safety, techniques, materials and equipment; correct practices in measurement, documentation, record keeping, and correct style in writing the lab report. Problem solving and analytical thinking are utilized as a fundamental part of the course. 

This includes application of mathematics as a fundamental problem solving tool of physics, application of physics as a fundamental problem solving tool of engineering, analyzing laboratory data, interpretation of lab results, graphing and mathematical modeling.


Physics for Christian Schools
Bob Jones University Press