Math 7

Pre-Algebra is offered to middle schools students typically in 7th grade.  This class covers the language of Algebra, solving equations, graphing and analyzing linear equations, polynomials, factoring, radical expressions, and probability.

  • Language of Algebra – variables, expressions, order of operations, the Distributive Property, Commutative and Associative properties
  • Solving linear equations – equations involving addition and subtraction, multi-step problems, variables on both sides, ratios and proportions, percent change
  • Graphing relations and functions – coordinate plane, graphing linear equations, graphing functions, graphs of relations, sequences
  • Analyzing linear equations – slope and direct variation, slope-intercept form, writing equations, parallel and perpendicular lines and statistics using scatter plots
  • Solving linear inequalities – solving inequalities by adding and subtracting, multi-step inequalities, absolute value and graphing inequalities
  • Solving systems of linear equations and inequalities – graphing systems of equations, substitution, elimination, graphing systems in inequalities
  • Polynomials – multiplying and dividing monomials, scientific notation, polynomials, adding and subtracting monomials,
  • Factoring – greatest common factors, Distributive Property, factoring trinomials, differences of squares, perfect squares and factoring
  • Radical Expressions – simplifying radical expressions, operations with radical expressions, radical equations
  • Triangles – Pythagorean Theorem, distance formula, similar triangles
  • Trigonometry – sin, cos, tan, cot, and associated problems
  • Rational Expressions – multiplying and dividing rational expressions, adding with like and unlike denominators, solving rational equations
  • Probability – counting outcomes, finite graphs, permutations and combinations, probability of compound events, probability simulations

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