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High School Civics/Economics & Bible - Consumer Mathematics
Mr. Sills was born and raised in Wyoming. He gave his life to the Lord in 1974, and married his wife, Charlene, in 1975.  He later attended the University of Wyoming where he received a Bachelor of Arts in Social Studies (1982) and a Master’s in American Studies (1990).  He holds a California teaching certification in Social Studies and Physical Education. He has taught in the public schools in Wyoming and California, and is in his twenty-third year of teaching at Desert Chapel. In addition to teaching, Mr. Sills is also on staff with the church and involved in worship ministry. He does not have a favorite verse, but favorite books.  He always enjoys the books of Isaiah and Proverbs - a combination of the prophetic and the practical.  When not teaching, Mr. Sills enjoys golfing and spending time with his family.
Appointed 1999
Consumer Mathematics
Bible Worship