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High School History - Associated Student Body/Leadership & Life Skills
Miss Bell has called Desert Chapel home for over 15 years; as a church, school, and place of employment; to clarify she has been a congregant for the last 15+ years, as well as claiming DC as her alma mater. She has worked with the school and church in a variety of capacities - from ASC, Summer Day Camp, varsity coach, and a whole lot more in between- for nearly as long.

Miss Bell is a graduate to National University, La Jolla, California where she received her Bachelor of Arts in History with a minor in religious studies, and received her Masters of History with an Emphasis in Education with Grand Canyon University, Phoenix, Arizona. Additionally, she is a member of the Alpha Chi and Phi Alpha Theta Honor Societies. Her areas of choice to study: American Colonialism and the American West/Southwest, she contributes such preferences to her family on the East Coast and being born and raised in California.

Miss Bell is proud and honored to share her passion and expertise of history with her students, teaching middle school and high school history for over a decade, and now with the focused area of 9th-12 grade history courses ranging from CP, Honors, and AP. In each course she seeks to instill not only historical evaluation of the past to understand the present and improve the world of the future.

Recently, she has the opportunity to reach further intro her advanced training and education with introducing two new courses - California History, structured as an induction college course for Seniors. And Life Skills, applying practical knowledge and preparation for life beyond high school. Finally, Miss Bell branches into her creative side and lays a foundation of leadership with DC students through ASB/Leadership. While ASB is well known by many to host fun events throughout the year, more importantly, students are given opportunities to lead their school community and demonstrate Christ through action.

Needless to say, Miss Bell is incredibly invested in DC and her students.
Appointed 2005
World History: CP & Honors
California History
Life Skills
United States History: CP & Honors
Geography/Ancient Civilizations
Associated Student Body/Leadership