English 6

This course is a combined course with an intense study of grammar,  writing various types of reports and essays, as well as, reading comprehension.  Students are encouraged to develop a "reading for meaning" attitude.

Grammar focused study on the following concepts:

  • Sentences – subject/predicates, compound subjects/predicates, compound sentences, complex sentences, prepositions, prepositional phrases
  • Writing a personal narrative
  • Nouns – common, proper, capitalization, abbreviations, appositives, singular/plural, singular possessive, plural possessive
  • Writing a Newspaper editorial
  • Verbs – action/linking, predicate nouns/adjectives, direct objects, indirect objects, sentence patterns, subject/verb agreement
  • Writing instructions to do something
  • Study and reference skills
  • Writing a research report
  • Pronouns – personal pronouns and antecedents, possessive/subject/object/reflexive/interrogative, demonstrative and indefinite pronouns
  • More verbs – verb tenses, irregular verbs, and contractions
  • Compare and contrast essay
  • Sentences, phrases, and clauses – prepositional phrases (adjectival and adverbial), compound subjects and predicates, compound and complex sentences
  • Writing a cover letter
  • Sentence Diagramming

Students learn four levels of comprehension:

  • Literal – locating and recalling material state by the author
  • Interpretive – identifying concepts from what the author implies
  • Critical – making judgments by what the author says and drawing conclusions
  • Appreciative – developing awareness of the author’s use of words and ideas

These techniques are learned through a combination of oral reading and silent reading. The stories chosen are a mix of mystery, drama, comedy, biblical fiction and excerpts from classics such as Swiss Family Robinson.
In addition, a selection of class readers and corresponding worksheets are used to develop sustained silent reading.


English 6
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