English 7

This course includes both an intense study of language and reading & literature elements.

Language covers review of sentence types and structure, grammar, and several different forms of writing.  In addition the reading/literature portion covers a selection of stories, poems, and essays of high interest are grouped by theme to encourage students' critical thinking. A variety of authors and genres are represented. In addition to teaching literary terms, the students' ability to respond biblically to literature is developed.

Following is a detailed list of language topics:

  • Sentences – four types, subjects/predicates, inverted order, fragments
  • Writing a book report
  • Nouns – plurals, possessives, common/proper, count/noncount, compound nouns
  • Writing an observation
  • Verbs – transitive/intransitive, linking, predicate nouns and adjectives, helping verbs (auxiliaries), principal parts, tenses
  • Writing a persuading talk for an audience
  • Pronouns – pronouns/antecedents, personal, demonstrative, interrogative, reflexive/intensive, and indefinite
  • Writing a letter to a pen pal
  • Adjectives – comparing with adjectives, articles, possessives, proper adjectives
  • Writing an advertisement
  • Adverbs – identifying adverbs, positions, comparing, and adverbs
  • Writing a family tradition
  • Clause structure – phrases, clauses, simple, compound, and complex sentences
  • Writing a one-act drama
  • Subject-verb agreement – with personal pronouns, with indefinite pronouns
  • Writing – proofreading a document
  • Pronoun usage – subjective/objective pronouns, problem pronouns
  • Writing – giving directions
  • Using adjectives and adverbs correctly – double negatives, adjectives vs adverbs, and comparisons
  • Writing – explaining the rules of a game
  • Troublesome words
  • Capitalization
  • Punctuation
  • Writing a letter to the Editor

Every unit contains extensive sentence diagramming.


Writing and Grammar 7
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Explorations in Literature
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