History 7

Study of the history of the world from 1100 A.D. through the present.

  • Changes (1100-1650 A.D.) The Revival of Towns, The Renaissance, The Reformation, The Mongol Empires, The Traditions of Africa
  • Challenges (1400-1800 A.D.) The Age of Exploration, Developing Latin America, Dividing North America, The Age of Absolutism, Australia and Oceania
  • Conquests (1800-1900 A.D.) European Transformation, Raj India, China and the West, Colonial Africa
  • Conflicts (1900- present) A New Political Order in Europe, Red Menace in Russia, Divisions in Modern Asia, Realignment in the Middle East, Africa Redrawn, The Changing Face of Latin America

World Studies 3rd Edition
Bob Jones University Press