Physical Science 8

Physical Science focuses on the introduction to matter, scientific models and methods, energy, and the atom.  

Focused study on the following:

  • Introduction to Matter: Scientific models and methods; scientific tools and measurement (metric system); Matter:  physical and chemical properties; three states of matter
  • Motion and Force: Friction, motion, acceleration, gravity; Newton’s Laws, momentum; Fluids and pressure, buoyancy; Work, power, simple machines
  • Energy: Conservation of energy; Heat and temperature, heat technology
  • Electricity and Magnetism: Electric charge and static electricity; electrical energy and calculation; electric circuits; electromagnetism, magnetism; electronic devices; computers, technology
  • The Physical World: Wave energy; Sound waves and the properties of sound; Electromagnetic spectrum, light waves, color; Mirrors, lenses and light technology
  • Building Blocks: Introduction to atoms and molecular structure; Periodic Table; Atomic energy

Physical Science
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