Follow Up of Parent Meeting


November 29, 2018

Dear Desert Chapel Parents,

Please allow us to express our gratitude to those who were able to join us on Wednesday evening for our informational meeting. We are aware of just how busy life is, especially at this time of the year. We understand that full schedules prevented many parents from being able to attend, and want to provide you with a summary of the information that was presented, so that you might be able to celebrate with us the wonderful advancements and opportunities that were shared. The purpose of the meeting was to inform you in three areas:

1. Security: The security of our students is of utmost importance! We are thrilled to report that significant strides have been made to further ensure the safety and security of our campus. We have invested in the installation of a new gate, fencing, and additional locks resulting in greater security for both the elementary and middle/high school campuses. Protocols have been put in place to properly identify and document visitors to the campuses. Although it may present some minor inconveniences for visitors to our campus, we are confident that these added layers of safety will be valued by our school families, congregational members, and staff.

2. Safety: We are also pleased to announce that we have implemented an application, Mayday, which will effectively allow faculty and staff members to immediately notify the entire staff of any safety concerns or trouble. Upon notification, all staff members will swiftly follow established protocols to ensure the safety of each and every student on campus.

3. Partnership: It is not common knowledge that the church has financially provided for the continuing operation of the school for a multitude of years, and although church leadership has willingly filled the financial gap for many years, it is not a viable option indefinitely. To that end, over the past eight years, leadership has researched feasible options for financial resources for the school. One such consideration was to become a charter school, but after extensive research it was determined that for financial stability, we would be required to sacrifice our freedom to provide a Christian-based education for our students.

It is with great celebration that we share with you that we have discovered an exciting partnership, which results in our ability to continue providing affordable, Christian education with no change to our curriculum, faculty, Biblical emphasis, or leadership. By becoming a vendor of an online charter school, we will receive additional funding that will greatly assist with the costs of operation. In addition, we will benefit from access to additional resources that will enrich the educational experience of our students.

This partnership has been thoroughly vetted by our church board and the legal department of our denomination. We have had the exciting opportunity to visit the site of a fellow Christian school to see its implementation, benefits, and success. It is an optimal situation in which we maintain our Desert Chapel identity and values.

Again, there will be no change to the day-to-day operation of the school, its curriculum and instruction, our Biblical emphasis, and your child's Desert Chapel experience. Our faculty will experience a slight increase in workload, as we submit monthly work samples to verify instruction that meets our standards.

The only requirement of parents is that you sign a Master Agreement that allows us to receive the benefits of partnership with the online charter school.

We trust that you will rejoice with us for this opportunity. It is the heart of leadership that we continue to provide an education that produces students who are excellent academically, spiritually, and athletically.

May we also take this opportunity to wish you a wonderful Christmas season, and to thank you for entrusting your child to us? We count it a privilege to partner with your family.

In His Service,

Pastor Frank Marshall Principal

Mrs. Ingram Academic Coordinator