New Dynamic 6th Grade Program

Dear Sixth Grade Families,

Let me take this opportunity to introduce myself as the new Pastor for Desert Chapel Christian School, and to make you aware of the dynamic new program that DCCS will be offering to your sixth grade student.

The reason we are so excited for this change can be found in God’s Word in Luke 2:52. The passage describes Jesus, at the very age your child is right now, or soon will be. A powerful declaration is made in verse 52, “Jesus grew in wisdom, stature, and favor with God and men.” Everything is changing in your child - critical thinking kicks in (wisdom), and their physical bodies are changing (stature). The social arena becomes important, and they tend to look to their friends for value and significance (favor-man). Spiritually they are ready to solidify and strengthen their personal walk with God (favor-God).

That’s why with all that’s changing in a sixth grade student, they do not fit well in elementary, because they are growing up, but they are not yet prepared for junior high. So, DCCS is going to do something that no other school does. We are going to initiate a program, hand-tailored to the needs of your child to grow in wisdom, stature, and favor - exactly the way God designed them to be.

The first major change that we are implementing is location. All sixth grade classes will remain on the elementary campus. They will not be moving over to the MS/HS side of the campus, but will be participating in middle school sports, and engaged in activities that better prepare them for the transition into junior high. 

Secondly, academically we will be supplementing their studies with a strong faith-based curriculum and teaching, equipping them to grasp how God’s Word answers every question they have, and speaks directly to what they are learning in science, history, and personal behavior.

Thirdly, we will be encouraging the sixth graders to move into leadership roles. They will assist in elementary chapel, in worship, occasionally speaking or sharing a scripture that has impacted them, and most important modeling a life-style that brings glory to the Lord.

Finally, sixth grade students will enjoy field trips, guest speakers, and other opportunities unique to sixth grade, making this year special for your child, and one that will cause younger students to look forward to being in sixth grade.

This is something that I believe in wholeheartedly, and I can say with confidence … You Want Your Child Here!  If you have friends that are looking for the best alternative to public school, something that will meet their child’s needs right where they are … send them here!

Any questions or comments, please contact me at, or call 760-327-2772.

Looking forward to meeting your child!

Pastor Don