Remote Learning Work Submission

Good morning,

Trusting this communication finds you healthy and at peace.  These are unusual times, but they are not a surprise to our God, and He promises to never leave us or forsake us.  His presence is near, and His peace surpasses anything that we might be experiencing.  We trust you are carried by His love and peace.

It was such an encouragement to receive and review the completed work of our students earlier this week.  We are tremendously proud of our students, who are rising to this occasion of remote learning.  We are so grateful to our parents, and their support teams of grandparents, siblings, and babysitters, who are investing time and energy to ensure that students continue to work diligently.  Our commitment is to continue to deliver curriculum and instruction, so that our students are equipped for the next academic year.  Just a reminder that students need to put their name on each page they submit, please.

With care and concern for our school families and our dedicated teachers, we have recommended to our teachers that students submit their completed work digitally.  The work we collected this past Sunday and Monday will be assessed and graded by teachers, but we believe it is wise moving forward that students submit pictures or scanned documents of their completed work to their teachers via email.  This can be done a variety of ways:

  • Take pictures of the completed work and email the pictures to the teacher.
  • For those with an iPhone, use Notes.  When creating an entry, choose the Camera icon and select Scan Documents.  More than one document can be scanned and saved.  The saved documents can be emailed to the teacher.
  • For those with an Android, open the Google Drive app.  In the bottom right, tap Add.  Tap Scan.  Take photos, save, and email to the teacher.
  • Download a scanner app, which will convert pictures to .PDF documents.
  • Use a printer scanner to scan work and email it to the teacher.

Students can submit completed work daily or weekly.  This will allow teachers to assess work and provide timely meaningful feedback.  

With this new protocol in place, we are cancelling the scheduled drop-off of Friday, April 17th.

We will continue to communicate any changes that may arise in the weeks ahead.

May your family be covered by God's immutable protection.

Pastor Frank, Principal & Mrs. Ingram, Vice Principal/Academic Coordinator