School Update 7/24/2020


Dear DCCS family,

I am writing to you today to express my thankfulness for trusting Desert Chapel Christian School to educate, and spiritually prepare your child for life’s upcoming challenges. We are committed to excellence. This excellence will be demonstrated in the stringent academic program that we will offer your student, beginning in kindergarten, and building until senior graduation, with the goal being advancement to college or university.

The spiritual life of your child is equally, if not more important to the operation of our school. Our focus this year will be on instilling the truth of God’s Word in their lives. When we know the truth and the source of the truth, we live a life filled with strength, confidence, and full of hope. That hope is grounded in the knowledge that our God is a BIG God and He is faithful to do exactly what He says He will do in His Word.

I have listed below, just a few of these truths that bring peace and confidence in our lives, when the world around us is filled with chaos. 

My God will supply all of my needs … Philippians 4:19

Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly, abundantly greater than we can ask or think … Ephesians 3:20

For God has not given us a spirit fear, but power, love and a sound mind … 2 Timothy 1:7

 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future … Jeremiah 29:11

The reason I called your attention to the vision and direction God has given us for DCCS is to set the stage for the upcoming school year, in light of the situation we are facing with the COVID-19 pandemic. We have to guard against responding out of fear. We must trust that God has and wants the best for all of us, and, even in the midst of protocols that seem to change daily, God is still in charge!

With that in mind, let me communicate what our current plan is for the reopening of school on the campus, which is tentatively scheduled for August 17th.

  1. The first concern for DCCS is to provide a safe environment for our students - affording them the greatest opportunities for spiritual and academic growth.

  2. DCCS has created a “Health & Safety Plan,” which details the protocols for safe opening of school. This will be dispersed next week, barring any further changes from the state.

  3. The final decision regarding the date for the reopening of schools in California is scheduled for next week. The administrative staff and teachers continue to pursue and put protocols in place for the opening of school on campus on August 17th, 2020. 

  4. There are two alternative options that we are considering, should the state decide to not open schools immediately.  The first is to delay on campus operation until after Labor Day. The second option is to implement Home-Based Distance Learning. This will involve the teachers instructing from their classroom via Google Meet or Zoom. All instruction will be online, and educational materials will be assigned digitally (depending on grade).  Students will be required to be up, dressed, and prepared for school, as is the norm for on-campus attendance. This option will only continue until the state allows students to return to school. 

My prayer is that this information provides you with some understanding regarding the situation we are all facing due to COVID-19. Let me assure you, we take very seriously the health and safety of all of our DCCS family. 

Let me finish with some of the more positive aspects of the 2020/2021 school year. Our school is making considerable new changes for both the elementary school and the middle/high school. We have added to our already powerful staff, new teachers who are passionate about educating and taking students to the next level, but also are spiritually vibrant. The elementary school will become more engaged electronically with the introduction of FACTS Management, our school operating system, this year. Sixth grade will offer a program no school in the Valley offers.  Also, we are re instituting many of the fun activities from the past … a talent show, Olympics, Presidential Fitness, and more. 

The middle/high school will also see new teaching faces on our campus that will solidify our English, Mathematics, and Science departments. There are new changes in the curriculum for science and math. We are introducing three new Advanced Placement classes, and increasing our electives. Also, similar to the elementary school, we are bringing back many of the activities that make school enjoyable … Pep assemblies, Homecoming float building, and much more. 

All this to communicate that we want your children to love coming to school. We want you as parents engaged with us in making DCCS the best it can be. That is why we are going to establish a PTA group this year, along with a dedicated fundraising committee, and Booster club.

Personally, I can’t wait to meet you all, and share the passion and direction that God has given us this year, and for the future. I can say with confidence,”You want your child at DDCS!”  It’s the best decision you will make.

Looking forward to what the Lord will do this year!


Pastor Don

College Bound from Kindergarten ... Christ-like for Life