English 12 CP

This course is a survey of British Literature from Anglo-Saxon through the modern periods. Beyond literary interpretation and analysis, students will improve their skills in writing essays. They will be expected to write clear analytical essays with a thesis statement, focused points, topic sentences, strong development of ideas and clear conclusion. Coursework will emphasize expository and creative writing skills, research paper writing skills using primary and secondary sources, application of MLA style as well as writing a variety of poetry.

English 11 CP/Honors

This course provides a study of early to current American Literature, in short story and novel form, as a foundation for developing better skills in reading, writing, and comprehension. Students will also develop skills in vocabulary, grammar, and discussion.

English 10 CP

This is an integrated course consisting of (1) Writing/Grammar and (2) Literature. It is designed to ensure that students will learn to become critical thinkers, readers and writers with emphasis being given to analytical readings and composition. The themes found in literary pieces will be studied from a Christian perspective with contemporary reflections. Students will become stronger readers and writers of the English language as they communicate through oral expression and presentations as well as through written expression.

English 9 CP/Honors

This course will address six important literary elements: character, theme, structure, conflict, moral tone, and point of view. These elements will be explored through the reading of various short stories, novels, and plays that range from the classics to the contemporary. In addition, students will become more grounded in grammar, vocabulary and writing.