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Mrs. Wood has attended Desert Chapel church for 32 years, and has served as the Kindergarten teacher for the past six years.   A very wise man once said, “Everything I ever needed to know about life, I learned in Kindergarten.” Mrs. Wood believes there is so much truth to this statement. When Kindergarten students arrive at their first day of school, they are little blank pages just waiting to write their own very unique and beautiful story. They are wide-eyed and filled with wonder. These young students learn to share and problem solve; to be humble; love unconditionally; pray fervently; and apologize and forgive quickly. It is imperative that children understand the power of grace and forgiveness. Mrs. Wood reminds them daily of God’s promise of forgiveness, that He forgives and remembers our offense no more.  She reinforces that once we forgive others, the same principle applies. This always “wows” the kids. Kindergarten students learn to read, write, add, subtract and tell time, too. These are just a few examples of the multitude of learning they will experience throughout the school year.

All the training in the world cannot teach a teacher to love her young students unconditionally, and meet them at a level that is comfortable for them. Mrs. Wood believes that teaching is a calling. Teachers must allow God’s wisdom, direction, and love to flow through you like a never ending river of hope. It is my joy and my pleasure to be your child’s teacher, and I thank God for this divine appointment, and am so grateful I get to spend each day with them. I have the greatest job in the world.
Appointed 2015