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Dear Parent,

We are humbled and honored that you are considering our school for the academic and spiritual needs of your child. We know there are other options available, so when you choose to entrust your child into our care we take every step to assure that your child has a quality educational experience.

For over 40 years, we have been committed to raising our educational standards, enhancing our academic environment and preparing our students to become the Christian leaders of tomorrow. To accomplish that, we began with a solid biblical foundation and then established strong educational programs, sports activities, music, and art. All of which assure that the atmosphere on our campus remains challenging and inspiring both now and for generations to come.

We are sensitive to the financial sacrifice it takes to place your child in private school. We remain committed to providing you and your family with a reasonable and cost effective alternative to both private and public education here in the Coachella Valley. A financial commitment of that magnitude means you must be confident that this is the right school for your child. As our staff continues to strive toward the best in quality Christian education, we hope you will agree that this is the best place for your child to attend school in the 2022-2023 school year.

Pastor Don Parshall,
Head of School

College bound from kindergarten… Christ-Like for life

As you apply, please review the following...

  • If you have not reviewed the Statement of Faith, you may read it by clicking here. »
  • If you have not reviewed the application process,  you may read it by clicking here. »
  • You have three printed copies of the student recommendation form which may be submitted in the future. Please note that two recommendations must be completed by a teacher, school administrator, or counselor and one by a personal (non-related) member. If you wish to print out three copies of the student recommendation form, you may do so by clicking here. »

By proceeding with application submission, you agree to the terms above and completing them.

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Desert Chapel Christian Schools is a Christ-centered school with Christian educational goals and objectives. We intend to encourage and enable students to receive all that God has for them spiritually, academically, physically, and socially. We recognize this to be the primary responsibility of parents, and for this reason, we believe the close cooperation of school and family is essential. We rely seriously upon the fact that your (electronic) signature below affirms your support of our goals and purposes as a Christian school as they relate to the instruction of your child.