4th Grade Supply List


Below is a list of supplies which you should bring with you on your first day of school:

o 3 - Packages of Wide-Ruled Notebook Paper

o 1 - 8.5”x11” Spiral-Bound Notebook (to be used for journal assignments)

o Pencil Box

o Pencils – LOTS!

o Ink Pens (Blue or Black Ink Only-No Gel Pens)

o Highlighters

o 12” See-Through Plastic Ruler w/ inches and metric

o Pointed Scissors

o Glue

o Glue Sticks

o Crayons

o Colored Pencils (a fairly large supply. These are what we will use all year for the majority of our class projects.)

o 2” Three-Ring Binder

o 1” Three-Ring Binder

o Dividers for Notebooks

o NIV Bible (preferably NIV with a concordance. Do NOT spend a lot of money on this! If you already have one of your own and you would like to bring it, that is fine. If this is a problem, please see me. This Bible needs to STAY at school for the remainder of the school year. Please remind your student of that.

Face Mask (in class/campus) optional face Shield (in class)