Keeping up with the Eagles - Nov-Dec Issue #3

                                                                          Keeping Up with the Eagles! 
                                                                                                                                                                                     ​Nov. & Dec. Issue #3   

“Tis the Season, My Dudes”  

Welcome back to the special edition of the November & December newsletter! This letter consists of high school sports, new students in middle school, holiday recipes, teacher competitions, and music. Enjoy! “More than Dribbling”  As our seasons have changed, so have our sports - both indoor and outdoor. This season we play Co-ed Varsity Soccer, Girls Varsity Basketball, and Boys Varsity Basketball.

Girl’s B-ball: ​The weather has started to cool off meaning basketball season is beginning! We nearly did not have a team this season, though we pulled through. The team is excited for what the season has in store and is confident in the coaching of Mr. Sills to lead us to victory. Come show your love for our Lady Eagles and support them at each game! 

Boy’s B-ball: ​Basketball season is back again this year, and Desert Chapel has a fierce-looking team. We are excited to see what the new and old players can bring this season, and hopefully we can win games with the help of the players from Stepping Stones. Make sure to show the Eagles basketball team some support and go to the games (Schedules are located in the office).  Lets Go Eagles!! 

Soccer: ​After football, soccer is the next “outdoor-grass” sport here at Desert Chapel. Our co-ed team is preparing for the battles ahead with good cardio exercises, which are essential for each member. The practice consists of passing, kicking, shooting, crossing the ball, and team building. Each day the team’s improvement increases with the promise to look professional by spreading out and passing the ball to teammates, while saving energy. What makes it special at DCCS, they put the word “​Fun​” in front of the whole team. They strive to have fun first,put interesting moves in soccer, becoming closer as a real team, and preparing for their games with out-of the-box strategies. The teams first game will be held on the DC Home Field on Thursday, November 26th at 3:15 pm. Come and cheer us on! Spend your time and enjoy a high school soccer game!    
Welcome Eaglettes  

6th Grade: ​This year’s 6th grade class is small, but mighty, with a total of eight students in the class. When we had the chance to interview the 6th graders, we were excited to hear about their change from fifth grade to middle school. Those students who attended DCCS Elementary include Mercediz, Riley, Ava, Savannah, and Julius. Mercediz shared with us that her favorite subject is math and her favorite teacher is Mr. Olson. Christian attended Vista Del Monte, and now at Desert Chapel, he’s became one of two boys in the class and a fan favorite (who knew?). He told us that his favorite subject is P.E. and his favorite teacher is  Coach Foli. Riley mentioned that she has two favorite subjects, one being history and the other is science, and her favorite teacher is Mr. Wilson. Natalie came to us from Cahuilla Elementary and has two favorite subjects as well - math and science. Her favorite teacher is Mr. Wilson. Ava,does have a favorite subject and that is P.E., including her favorite teacher, who else, but Coach Foli. Savannah certainly enjoys her favorite subject, math, but, she does not have a favorite teacher. Too hard to make that choice!. :)  Julius the second of two boys in the class gladly said that his favorite subject is P.E. and his favorite teacher is Mr. Wilson. 

7th Grade: ​This year’s 7th grade class has four new students. Although the school work may be harder, it can be fun. We had to ask about the classes and teachers. Also, take a moment and spend some time getting to know everyone when gathering together in the morning or after school, to find out something new!   Tyson  came from  Painted Hills. Yes, his  favorite subject is P.E. Is that for an easy A? His  favorite teacher, of  course is Coach Foli. Kendra attended Kings School last year. Her favorite subject at DCCS is math. You must enjoy working with numbers! Guess what? Her favorite teacher is Mr. Wilson. Rainna came from Desert Learning Academy. Her favorite subject is Language Arts and her favorite teacher is Mr. Wilson.  James comes to us  from Kings School. He  enjoys math as his favorite  subject and his favorite  teacher is Mr. Olson​. Two new Eagles enjoying each  other. 

8th Grade: ​Caesar came from James Workman. Even though he doesn’t have a favorite subject his favorite teacher is Mr. Updike. River came from Jackson Middle School on the east coast. He does not have a favorite subject, but his favorite teacher is Mrs. Harty.  Albert came from Penasa Elementary and decided that he could not choose a favorite teacher or subject. He must like everything at DCCS. Way to go Albert!  Sophia came from Palm Desert Middle School. Her favorite subject is P.E. and her favorite teacher is Coach Foli. I wonder if Coach Foli promised free pizza? 
ASB Christmas News  ASB is at it again making plans for the  end of December. They placed those ELF  ears together making decisions to do a Spirit Week and sell Christmas Grams. Look for more details coming soon! This  should make finals even more exciting  and there is no reason everyone should not participate!     

Monday: Crazy Christmas Sock Day  Tuesday: Christmas Hat Day  Wednesday:​ ​Red​ and ​Green​ ​Day  Thursday: Ugly Christmas Sweater    Day  Friday: Dress-Up as a Christmas Present Day   

Since the holiday seasons are coming around, baking is the perfect way to show the holiday spirit with your loved ones. We have two dessert recipes, one for Thanksgiving and another one for Christmas to enjoy for this  time of year. They are very fun and easy to make with your family while listening to some Christmas music and getting into the holiday spirit. Hopefully you have an amazing vacation and  enjoy making (and eating) these sweet treats!    

Pumpkin Rice Krispie Treats     Ingredients:   ★ 6 Cups of Rice Krispie Cereal  ★ 3 tbsp Butter  ★ 1 bag of marshmallows   ★ Red & Yellow Food Coloring (to make  orange color)  ★ 12 small Tootsie Rolls  ★ 1 Green Fruit Roll-up (you will only  be  able to find the blue/green combo)  Steps:  1. Melt your butter in a large saucepan  over low heat  2. Add marshmallows and stir constantly  until melted  3. Remove from heat  4. Add approx 4 drops of red food coloring  & 2 drop yellow food coloring- Add until  you have a nice bright orange color  5. Mix in Rice Krispies  6. Form small balls into the shape of a  pumpkin (Tip: Add Non-Stick Cooking  Spray (Pam) or Crisco to your hands  before forming your balls)  7. Cut Tootsie Roll in Half and add a half  into each pumpkin while still warm  8. Cut small leaves from the green portion of your Fruit Roll Up 

Peppermint Eggnog Milkshake    Ingredients:  ★ 2 cups of eggnog   ★ Vanilla ice cream   ★ 1 cup of ice  ★ 1 tsp of peppermint extract   ★ Peppermint white chocolate bark  ★ Candy canes  ★ Whipped cream  (for one serving)  Steps:  1. Combine vanilla ice cream, eggnog,  ice, and peppermint ice cream in a  blender  2. Blend until well mixed   3. Pour in a festive cup and add  whipped cream, candy cane, and  peppermint bark on top for topping  

Hopefully you will have the opportunity to try these recipes. Whether your choice is to enjoy them while being cozy under your favorite blanket, watching a Christmas movie or  hanging out with your friends and  family. Yumm…... With that being said,  Happy Holidays from your yearbook  staff.   

TEACHERS​, Do you have school  spirit? Do you love to decorate?  Do you have Christmas spirit?   DON’T BE A GRINCH! 
Christmas is coming and we are challenging you to a decorating contest. Unhinge a bit, bring out the music and start decorating your classroom doors on Nov. 26th thru Dec. 12th. We are having a contest in which all Desert Chapel Junior/Senior High School Teachers can decorate their door in the theme of Christmas. Ideas for dressing up your door may include these accessories such as wrapping paper, ornaments, lights, ribbon, bangles, chimes and everything from Hooville to Narnia. Of course most importantly it will be everything that is associated with Christmas. If students want to help decorate the door they may, but, the majority of the work should be from the teacher.The winners will be announced on Friday Dec.14th and receive a Starbucks gift card in the following amounts 1st Place $25, 2nd Place is $15 and 3rd Place is $10. ​BRING IT ON! ​
What are your favorite  Christmas Tunes?  These are a few of ours:  All I want for Christmas​- Mariah Carey Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer​- Gene  Autry  Santa Tell Me​- Ariana Grande  Last Christmas​- Ariana Grande  Frosty the Snowman​- Nat King Cole  Jingle Bells​- Michael Buble  Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town​- The  Supremes  White Christmas​- Bing Crosby  Holly Jolly Christmas​- Michael Buble  Mistletoe​- Justin Bieber   Mary Did You Know​- Mary Carter  Young  Heatmiser/Snowmiser​- Unknown  Mele kalikimaka- ​Bing Crosby  Feliz Navidad​- Mis Deseos    

Happy Thanksgiving, Happy  Hanukkah, Merry Christmas and  Happy New Year! 
As you have read the previous news it is obvious how the staff has been hard at work. The planning and working with students, details about sports along with the up and coming events that will be played out in the coming weeks. I am proud to announce that Jewelia Barnwell has been named the “Editor” of the Eagles newsletter. This decision was made due to her previous works along with the tenacity   to take charge and delegate work.

In our busy lives we must not forget our true sense of the Christmas Season: “Jesus is the Reason for the  Season”  -Advisor     


P.S. We did miss a few students, but,  promise to get to you in January