MS-HS Summer Reading

                                                                                      MS-HS Summer Reading Project 

    Trusting you are enjoying the start of your summer break. Research strongly indicates the benefits for students to continue reading throughout the summer months. In particular, it curbs summer learning loss and improves reading skills and comprehension. In light of the benefits, all middle and high school students are required to read one novel this summer. Upon completion of the novel, each student will select an assignment from the list of options below to be completed before the beginning of the school year. The assignment will be due
on the first day of the 2019-2020 academic year – Monday, August 19th, 2019.

Guidelines for Novel Selection:
• Your parents must approve the novel you select. In addition, it is expected that you will choose a book that reflects your reading and grade level. The novel must align with our school values.
• Please select a novel that you have not already read. A novel read as part of a classroom curriculum is not acceptable.
• Middle school books should be at least 150 pages in length

• High school books should be at least 250 pages in length.

Assignment Options:
1. Chapter Summary: Write a summary of each chapter in the novel. The summary should be succinct and detail development of the novel’s plot and characters. Each chapter summary should be no more than a page in length.
2. Character Focus: Select a main character in the novel and write a full description of the character (age, origin, gender, appearance, characteristics etc.), highlighting the characters’ significance to the story, as well as relationship and impact on the other characters in the
story and the plot. Please include your response to the character. Did the character intrigue you? Irritate you? Teach you? Inspire you? Your description should be detailed and thorough.
3. Historical Research: You may select a historical event or time that appears in your novel, research it, and present your research. Examples: World War I, the Civil Rights Movement, the colonization of USA, the assassination of JFK, the Gold Rush, the invention of the printing press, life on a Southern plantation, the first man on the moon, etc.) You may present your research in essay format, a pictorial representation with paragraph explanations for each picture, or a PowerPoint presentation.

4. Scientific Research: If your novel includes mention of science related discoveries or facts; you may research or test the scientific facts. If there is a particular scientific question that your novel causes you to ponder, do a science experiment to test your hypothesis. You may
present your findings on a three-fold poster board, make a model with a written explanation, create a PowerPoint presentation, or summarize your findings in a written paper.
5. Artistic Representation:
    a. Photographic: You may create a photographic representation of the novel’s plot, characters, or settings. They must be original photos. You must include a written explanation of your photographic compilation.
    b. Illustrative: You may create illustrations of the novel’s plot, characters, or settings. You must include a written explanation of your illustrative compilation.

6. Book Club: A group of students may choose to read the same novel. There is to be a minimum of five students in the Book Club. After completing the novel, each student should craft two in-depth questions about the book that will provoke dialogue. In a shared Google Doc, name the novel and identify each student who is part of the Book Club. Please indicate the date that the Book Club meeting is taking place. The dialogue must happen in one meeting, and cannot extend over time. One student will pose a question and all students must respond to the question with a meaningful response that clearly indicates their understanding of the novel. After each student has responded to the posed question, another student will present a new question for discussion. After all questions have been shared and discussed, the Google Doc will be shared with Mrs. Ingram, on or before the first day of school.

Guidelines for Assignments:
• Please type all written responses.
• Please check spelling, punctuation, and grammar. You will be turning your completed assignment in to your English teacher, with the exception of the Book Club students, on the first day of school. You will be assigned a grade, which will be your first grade of the academic year.
Do not hesitate to contact me for clarification, if you have any questions.
May you have a wonderful summer break!

Mrs. Ingram
Academic Coordinator

Summer Reading