Rock the Walk 19'


Dear Students, Families, and Friends,

• Our annual Walk-a-thon will be Friday, March 15th from 8:30am – 12:00pm

• We are asking each student to have the goal of raising $100 or more

• Enclosed is an envelope for keeping track of the people who donate to the school on your behalf. Also enclosed is a book of “receipts”. A completed receipt should be given to each person who donates. We also have the opportunity for donors to go on our website ( and donate by credit card – https:/

• • Also enclosed is a form for business sponsorship


o Raise $100 or more, $10 Gift Card; o Raise $250 or more, $25 Gift Card; o Raise $500 or more, a $50 Gift Card. In addition, the elementary student raising the most money OVER $500, will be “Principal for the Day!”

• We will come to school at our normal time. At 8:30am we will all meet in the High School gym for an explanation of the day’s event, and a group picture. The “Walk” will take place from 9:00am – 11:00am, followed by an “all school” BBQ

• Our elementary students will be walking on the Football Field; the middle school & high school will be taking the route on Sunrise/Ramon/Farrell/ Mesquite

• LUNCH – We will have an “all school” BBQ at 11:00am. The kids can be dismissed after 11:30am

• DEADLINE – Please have all your donations returned in your envelope by Monday, March 11th. Be sure and list all your donations on your envelope.

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