Summer Reading

Good afternoon,

Typically, we require our middle and high school students to complete a summer reading assignment to be turned in the first day of school.

With recognition that our DC students have been working diligently at distance learning for the past few months, we want to provide our students with the opportunity to rest this summer break. We will not be assigning a summer reading assignment this summer.

The benefits of reading are numerous!  So, although we are not assigning a summer reading assignment, we do encourage you to read throughout the summer break!  Even though the public libraries are still closed due to COVID, you can borrow books from their online library.  We encourage you to read a novel as a family!  Choose a different genre to read each month.  Read about a favorite historic character, a Biblical character, or person of influence.  Read to be inspired!  Read to grow!  Read to discover!  Reading produces a successful student!

We have missed our students.  We wish you a wonderful summer break!  We are already preparing for your return in August!