Yearbook Jan-Feb Newsletter

                                                                                  Keeping Up with the Eagles!

                                                                                       Jan. & Feb. Issue #4

 “Brush Your Wings Off”
       Welcome back, Eagles! Let’s get that grind on. Here’s to hoping everyone had a relaxing break. We are starting with a new year and a new semester, and we are starting off with a clean slate. Let’s finish the last half of the school year strong!

“Participation Counts
Do more than belong; PARTICIPATE”
               -William Arthur Ward


The traditions of Valentine's Day are broad and many. It is a time to exchange cards or small gifts. Chocolates, flowers, jewelry, and romantic dinners are the most popular of this holiday. Look out for future ASB announcements of selling candy grams, which will include choices, sizes, and prices.

Everyone loves to receive a candy gram! We suggest buying a gram for someone you would like to encourage; a friend having one of those not-so-good days; or someone you want to talk to. Siblings always need reminded of your love, a new student who may need to feel welcome in the school; and, finally, someone who has influenced you as a great friend.

If you would like to purchase one for someone, but are too nervous to ask, all ASB students are available, if you need to buy them when your friends are not always around.

Remember there is that “unFAILing” teacher who likes candy. They will be very curious that someone is interested in bringing their grade up......YES!

Winter Snowflake Contest

● Yes, Yearbook is holding a “Winter Snowflake Contest”.
● Starting January 14th make a snowflake, place your name on one side, and bring it to Room 401
● There are no specific colors required, or designs
● No size of of a snowflake is required

● Make any amount snowflakes 1- 100 (A prize will be given for only one snowflake, if chosen)
● Prizes will be separated into three groups: middle school, high school and staff
● The last day to turn in snowflakes will be January 30th
● Winners will be announced on January 31st
● Prizes to be determined at later date


New Students

New students continue to walk through the gates of Desert Chapel. We welcome one of our 6th grade students - Destiny. She attended elementary school in 5th grade at DCCS. We are sure that it has been a change and a challenge at the middle school level.

Our newest sixth grade student is Savanah who hails from the great state of Pennsylvania. We are sure that you are not missing shoveling snow; however, having more fun running through the rain drops is exciting.

Caleigh ,who is in 7th grade, has had no trouble mixing in with her classmates. Blending together makes the transition easier and much more relaxing.

Aiden also joined the 7th grade class, adding more male students to the roster, Aiden came from Palmdale. Already a California native he adds to the mixture of fun and classic.

Tyler has joined us, starting the new semester with some insight as to what our school is all about, with the help of a sibling. Enjoying the
warm weather may be a challenge but we are sure he can handle it as he seems to be doing that already.

We welcome all of you and hope that this semester is a wonderful learning experience, as well as the start to new friendships and memories. 

Valentines Day Faves

Valentine's day is an extraordinary time to share treats with loved ones. We suggest to making the most commonly -known treat, chocolate-covered strawberries! To spice it up a bit, add some fun-colored sprinkles to make the spirit of Valentine's Day even better! Now, if you are not a fan of chocolate, buying those yummy Pillsbury cookies that take like 10 minutes to bake is a great idea. You can frost them with your friends and family, making a fun experience. Don't forget how delicious they will be. ;)
Enjoy your holiday of LOVE !