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Photo of Desert Chapel Christian School Headmaster David Miller

It is the vision and heartbeat of Desert Chapel Christian School that our students excel academically, excel physically, and excel spiritually. We are dedicated to investing in our students so that they might reach their full potential academically, develop depth of character and integrity, build a vibrant faith, and thrive in relationships with others and Jesus. The Biblical principle driving this vision is found in Luke 2:52, which says And, Jesus grew in wisdom, stature, and favor. It is our desire that students graduate from Desert Chapel Christian School fully prepared for college and university, but also equipped for success, no matter the post-secondary path they choose.

Desert Chapel Christian School is a powerful and unique blend of academic excellence and spiritual preparedness. Kindergarten is our building block for academic success. Each proceeding grade is designed to challenge, enhance, and broaden their abilities, with the end result being your student is equipped with the necessary tools, and knowledge for entrance into college or university.

Spiritually, it is our desire to ground our students in the truth of God's Word. We are shaping young men and women into leaders who demonstrate high integrity, personal accountability, and self control.

We accomplish these goals through a dedicated staff that is gifted in their interaction with the students, in the office or on the school grounds; through a faculty that is passionate about their particular subject matter, and as importantly we all take seriously our mandate to model good Godly principles, and a lifestyle that is consistent with God’s Word.

When you come to Desert Chapel Christian School you will become part of our family, a family that cares for you, supports you, and challenges you to be the best that you can be!

We hope to see you soon!

Pastor David Miller

Head of Desert Chapel Christian School

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