Seventh Grade


Biology is the study of living organisms. Students are taught the differences and similarities of life. Students gain an understanding of God’s nature through the wonder of his creation. The structure and function of the cell is emphasized throughout the course. Major areas of study are genetics, botany, zoology, and human biology. Theories of evolution are taught alongside Creationism. Students need to understand the way this subject is presented in a secular environment.

Physical Education 7/8

This course is designed to foster growth in “wisdom, stature, and favor with God and man” (Luke 2:52). Activities are designed to teach students the basic skills used in many sports while conditioning their bodies to be stronger. In addition they will learn to function in groups and individually to achieve goals.

Math 7

Pre-Algebra is offered to middle schools students typically in 7th grade.  This class covers the language of Algebra, solving equations, graphing and analyzing linear equations, polynomials, factoring, radical expressions, and probability.

English 7

This course includes both an intense study of language and reading & literature elements.

Language covers review of sentence types and structure, grammar, and several different forms of writing.  In addition the reading/literature portion covers a selection of stories, poems, and essays of high interest are grouped by theme to encourage students' critical thinking. A variety of authors and genres are represented. In addition to teaching literary terms, the students' ability to respond biblically to literature is developed.