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Transitional Kindergarten
Mrs. Diana O’Grady-Williams is the Transitional Kindergarten teacher at Desert Chapel Christian School. She has over twenty years of experience working in Early Childhood education. Mrs. Williams has been the Director and start-up coordinator for many public preschools, Christian schools, and the Goddard Schools. She prides herself on her strong advocacy skills for the young child, her expertise on early childhood education, and is thrilled to be a part of Desert Chapel Christian school, where it is her hope to be a piece to their puzzle of expansion.

Mrs. Williams chose Desert Chapel because of her strong commitment to Christ. She was drawn to the school’s pledge to offer children a Christ-centered education that ensures the needs of the whole child are met. Desert Chapel offers a faith-based education that will ensure strong foundations for all children blessed to attend. She feels privileged to be a part of this mission.

Mrs. Williams received her Bachelor’s degree from Boston University in Education. She returned to school and attended Columbia, where she completed a Master’s degree, alongside of her son, who is deaf, in Education and American Sign Language with an emphasis in Linguistics studies. Their graduate studies were completed in 2014 with their research chosen for publication.

In retirement, Mrs. Williams decided to again pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Colorado Christian University, with an emphasis in Behavioral Management, which completes in January 2022. She has been accepted into a Master/Doctorate program, where she will work on completion of her Psychology education, also seeking a graduate degree in Early Childhood Studies. She believes that faith, coupled with education, is the key to understanding, compassion, and the tools to make the world a better place.

Choosing to resurface out of retirement, because she missed working with children, Mrs. Williams is so happy to be back in the classroom. She looks forward to a fun-filled year, and is thankful for the privilege of working with parents’ most precious treasures. With the help and guidance of God, she will do all within her ability to equip her students for success through this wonderful faith-based educational journey.
Appointed 2021
Transitional Kindergarten