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Our desire at Desert Chapel Christian School is to create students who are lifelong learners and future leaders. Our strong, academic curriculum is infused with Biblical principles to help mold and shape our young learners. We use a combination of Christian and traditional-school curriculums in order to give our students the best academic advantage.

Academic success is important here at DCCS! Twice a year we honor our students’ academic success with a school-wide awards assembly. In the office, our students’ pictures are displayed for their honor roll achievements.

A strong parent-school commitment is necessary for student success. We look forward to partnering with you to promote a positive academic atmosphere for your child. We welcome you to partner with us as we educate and train up your child.

Seventh Grade

English 7

This course includes both an intense study of language and reading & literature elements. Language covers review of sentence types and structure, grammar, and several different forms of writing.  In addition the reading/literature portion covers a selection of stories, poems, and essays of high interest are grouped by theme to encourage students' critical thinking. A variety of authors and genres are represented. In addition to teaching literary terms, the students' ability to respond biblically to literature is developed.

History 7

Study of the history of the world from 1100 A.D. through the present. 

Life Science 7

Life Science includes the characteristics of living things and necessities of life.

Eighth Grade

Algebra I

This class continues learning of math concepts from 6th & 7th grade and focuses on the in depth study of algebra. The course objectives include: (1) to continue practice with arithmetic skills (2) to establish fundamental principles of algebra (3) to apply algebra skills to problem solving strategies Topics included are algebraic operations, rules of exponents, solving & graphing linear equations, inequalities and quadratics, solving systems of equations, parallel and perpendicular lines, functions and relations, and application problems.   

English 8

This course is designed to prepare students for high school by becoming more proficient in writing, grammar, vocabulary, reading comprehension and all styles of writing exercises.

History 8

This course focuses on United States history from founding to present.  Special projects include compilation of a President’s notebook and review of current events. 

Physical Science 8

Physical Science focuses on the introduction to matter, scientific models and methods, energy, and the atom. 

Middle School Electives

Physical Education

This course is designed to foster growth in “wisdom, stature, and favor with God and man” (Luke 2:52). Activities are designed to teach students the basic skills used in many sports while conditioning their bodies to be stronger. In addition they will learn to function in groups and individually to achieve goals.

Introduction to Computer Skills

Introduction to typing and/or Microsoft Office skills. Students learn the proper form and placement needed to type with fluency and speed. This course also teaches students basic formatting and functions within Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. 

Middle School Art I & II

Exposure to a wide variety of art media at an introductory level, with special emphasis on ceramics and color theory. 

Middle School Drama

Students work to understand the basics of theater. They practice pantomime techniques and explore the world of improvisation. In addition, they read plays and develop characters. Each class is afforded the opportunity to present at least one small play, or skit, as well as work to design and develop props and sets for use in their productions. Additional exploration involves basic study of staging and blocking, along with carefully designed theater games of improvisation and teamwork. 

Middle School Spanish

Introduction to the Spanish language including a look at Spanish speaking countries.